Kombucha FAQ

I noticed a jelly-like glob floating in my kombucha - is that supposed to be there?

Yes!  Kombucha is fermented tea that contains live cultures.  You will see “globs” of different shapes and sizes floating in your kombucha. Do not be alarmed- this is normal - and necessary!  You may strain them out before drinking – or if you are brave enough you can drink them!

Should I shake my bottle before drinking?

I do not suggest shaking it because it could cause a lot of fizz and a lot of mess. However, giving it a gentle swirl before opening is fine.

I left my kombucha out of the refrigerator – is it still OK to drink?

Yes - leaving it out at room temperature just promotes more fermentation, but it is not going to be harmful to consume.

My kombucha seems to have lost its fizz. Is there a way to reactivate the carbonation?

To reactivate the fermentation and add more fizz, you may leave your kombucha out on the counter for 1-2 days to allow it to ferment longer.  However, keep in mind that if you do this, the carbonation will begin to build and you will need to “burp” your bottle daily - which means to briefly open the cap to let air escape and retighten.  If you do not burp your bottle while it is at room temperature you may have an explosion with broken glass

When your kombucha is at your desired carbonation preference, store it in the refrigerator and that will stop/slow the fermentation process.

Elderberry FAQ

How much and how often do I take the elderberry syrup?

Directions: Standard dose is 1 teaspoon for children, 1 Tablespoon for adults daily for prevention. At onset of illness, take 4 times daily.  Not for use by infants less than 1 year old.

How many doses does one bottle contain?

One 8oz. bottle contains 48 teaspoon doses or 16 Tablespoon doses.

Is it safe for children?

The elderberry syrup is safe for children 12 months and older because it contains raw honey. If you need a bottle for an infant younger than 12 months, I can make a bottle using organic sugar instead of honey. Please contact me for this special order.

Does elderberry syrup help with bacterial infections?

No. Elderberry syrup is anti-viral and should not be used to treat a bacterial infection.

What is Elderberry/Elderflower Tincture?

Tinctures are made without honey, sugar, or water. Since they are made with grain alcohol as the solvent, they last much longer than elderberry syrup. Elderberry Tinctures are said to last at least 3 years or even longer if they are stored in glass bottles and not exposed to light or heat.

What is the standard dosing for Elderberry/Elderflower Tincture?

Elderberry Suggested dose: Adults: 20-30 drops, Children: 10-20 drops 

Take once daily for prevention. At onset of illness, take 3 times per day until symptoms resolve. Dilute in small amount of water, tea, or juice.

Elderflower Suggested dose:Adults: 30 drops, Children: 10-20 drops 

Take 1-3 times daily as needed. Dilute in small amount of water, tea, or juice.

How many doses are in a 1 oz. bottle of Elderberry/Elderflower tincture?

Each 1 oz bottle contains approximately 600 drops. This is about 20-30 adult doses and 30-60 child doses.

Does the Elderberry/Elderflower Tincture need to be refrigerated?

No. Store bottle in a dark cabinet away from heat.

What does the Elderberry/Elderflower Tincture taste like?

Since the tincture does not contain honey or sugar, it does not taste sweet. It is recommended to mix the dose in a small amount of water and consume in one sip. Alternatively, you can add it to juice, honey, tea, or a smoothie.

Does Elderberry/Elderflower Tincture contain alcohol?

A tincture is a type of herbal preparation in which the alkaloids, glycosides, minerals, and essential oils of a plant are extracted into a solvent. The liquids that are most often used as solvents are high-proof alcohols such as vodka. The final product contains 40%-50% alcohol by volume. What does this mean for a single dose? It is not much different than some cough medicines. For example, an adult dose contains approximately 0.08 teaspoon of alcohol- which is also equal to 8 drops of alcohol and a child dose contains 0.04 teaspoon which is equal to 4 drops of alcohol.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The Elderberry-Ginger Kombucha is by far my favorite!!! Even my 7 month loved it, he took my cup from me and chugged it down! Haha!
— April

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